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Renewable Energy and Island Tourism

Proposed by delegates from the tourism cluster of the Global Renewable Energy Islands Network (GREIN), the Renewable Energy and Island Tourism group is designed to facilitate lively discussion among hotel chains, tourism associations and policy makers about the potential for renewable energy options like solar water heating, solar and sea water air conditioning, and photovoltaic electricity generation to reward investment with rapid payback, reliable service and positive publicity.

Resource Mapping

This group provides a forum for experts, practitioners and public officials with an interest in renewable energy resource mapping and spatial planning at the national or sub-national level.

Renewable Energy Finance

Mobilising finance is key to increasing the deployment of renewable energy and achieving sustainable development. This group provides a forum for organisations, financial institutions, funds, experts, practitioners, public officials, and other interested parties to exchange views on and opportunities for facilitating and scaling-up renewable energy finance.

Renewables: The True Costs

Renewable energy has entered into a virtuous cycle of falling costs, increasing deployment, and accelerated technological progress. The public debate around renewable energy, however, continues to suffer from an outdated perception that renewable energy is not competitive, forming a significant and unnecessary barrier to its deployment. IRENA’s cost analysis programme is designed to improve the publicly available analysis and data on costs to allow policy makers and investors to make robust decisions about the role of renewables. Read here for up to date IRENA costing analysis, to comment or ask questions.

Career Coach

This group is intended for those seeking a career in renewable energy. Do you have questions about how to get your foot in the door or make the transition? We encourage you to ask the career coaches in this group for tips and advice. For those with more experience in the field, this is a place to share your career experiences with aspiring renewable energy professionals. A career coach does not need to be someone with 15 years’ experience; anyone working in renewables can be a coach to someone just few steps behind them. Each of us, every day, has answers and questions.

International Off-Grid RE Conference


Renewable Energy Curriculum Development

This group is a platform for discussion on renewable energy curriculum development.